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MOTU DP9: Even More Comprehensive and Accessible

MOTU, which is renowned for its high-quality audio interfaces, is also responsible for Digital Performer, a professional 64-bit DAW software package. Under the moniker DP9, MOTU has now issued Digital Performer 9. This ninth version of the software offers more functions and plenty of new plugins, and is more user-friendly than ever.

Version 9

MOTU has spent several long years developing version 9 of their sequencer software, and the results are impressive. The multitrack software offers everything you need to produce professional audio tracks in a user-friendly package. Sound professionals will undoubtedly appreciate the new Automation Lanes, as well as the Spectrograms, which offer a spectral representation of each track in your session. As such, they're a great tool for tracking down interfering frequencies, for instance.


Producers and musicians who have Digital Performer on their PC or Mac will have no need for plugins from other parties. Offering a wide range of mastering plugins, effects, (bass) guitar amps and stomp boxes, mixing tools and virtual instruments, the software package enables you to create and put the finishing touches to your comprehensive music productions. DP9 provides you with five new audio plugins: the MasterWorks FET-76 limiting amplifier (an emulation of the classic 11`76LN), a MultiFuzz (based on the QuadraFuzz), two polyphonic octave generators for guitar and bass guitar, and a powerful subtractive synthesizer. Also at your disposal is the brand new MX4 MultiSynth, complete with EDM sound bank.


Digital Performer 9 boasts a range of new features that hugely enhance the software's workflow. Take the Create Tracks window, for instance, which enables you to add a large number of difference tracks in a single step. Furthermore, it is now possible to keep your plugin windows floating in front of your other DP windows, and to keep notes during your sessions. If you like to work with a MIDI controller or a MIDI keyboard, and frequently use plugins, you will be happy to know that DP9 features a MIDI Learn function, which allows you to map the knobs, buttons and faders of your controller to the plugin parameters. Additional practical features include Mute MIDI Notes, MusicXML export, Marker and Chunk Search, and Retina display support.

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on delivery and pricing.


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