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Motu Launches Versatile DSP Audio Interfaces

Almost every year, Motu releases high-end audio interfaces to the market, and always offers a little something extra compared to the competition. With the launch of the M64, 8D and LP32 USB audio interfaces, they've really pulled out all the stops. They all come with a plethora of connection options that enable them to function as routers. All the functions on these devices are accessible within your own network from a smartphone, tablet or computer, and they can even be used in standalone mode. Each interface has DSP as well, which will relieve your computer's processor significantly.

M64 offers MADI: multi-channel audio distribution

The M64 by Motu supports audio channel streaming over MADI. This means you can stream a maximum of 256 audio channels at once! Monitor and manage all inputs and outputs via the included web app that's driven by the hardware, which also allows you to access the M64's DSP effects and mixer.


Motu's 8D is an audio interface with multi-channel audio support in AES-EBU (AES3). The digital audio distribution itself is done via XLR cables and set up as a stereo pair (in and out). The sample rates are supported at a rate of up to 96 kHz. You'll also find S/PDIF connectors on the rear of the 8D that can also be used as a stereo pair (in and out). When it comes to DSP functionality, the 8D shares the same functionality as the M64.

LP32: ADAT via Toslink

The LP32 boasts 64 inputs and outputs distributed over 4 banks for every pair of ADAT inputs and outputs. To gain access, you'll need to use Toslink cables, and then you'll have a total of 258 audio channels with ADAT, USB and AVB-TSN connection options at your disposal. You can also operate this interface via the web app, which allows access to all the functions in the same LAN network. If you want even more options, you can link multiple Motu interfaces using AVB-TSN.

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