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Motu Presents Rack Mount Mixer with DSP

With the attractive Stage-B16, Motu introduces a versatile rack mixer that doubles as a high-grade audio interface, and boasts a DSP that delivers excellent, studio-grade effects. In essence, the Stage-B16 gives you three devices in one: a rack mixer with DSP, a stage box with 16 inputs and 8 outputs, and an audio interface that meets the demands of even the most critical studio enthusiasts.

A true powerhouse

With the Stage-B16, Motu presents a piece of top-quality studio gear that certainly raises the bar. Its eight XLR outputs guarantee a dynamic range of 123 dB, which is quite impressive for such a reasonably priced rack mixer - usually you have to pay a lot more for similar performance. And remember, the more extensive the dynamic range, the richer the sound. The Stage-B16's sixteen microphone inputs are equipped with high-grade, clean preamplifiers that cause virtually no distortion, and offer a dynamic range of 117 dB. Each of the sixteen channels has its own 63dB preamp gain, individual phantom power supply and -20dB pad.

A flexible all-rounder

Have you always dreamed of working with a large-scale mixing console? In that case, you'll love the Motu Stage-B16. The rack mount mixer offers 48 inputs and 12 buses, available via a web application that is controlled by the hardware itself. That means you no longer have to rely on operating systems or specific browsers. You can control the Stage-B16 from your laptop, your tablet, or even your smartphone, as long as each device is connected to the same network via wired LAN or via WiFi. Access the mixer via your favourite browser, using Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS or Android.

Keep an eye on our product page for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing.


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