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Music Messe 2016: Schertler Unico 250 W

More of the same doesn't always have to be a bad thing, as long as it's more of a good thing. With that thought in mind, we present to you Schertler's 250W version of their popular Unico Classic.

more, More, MORE

The Schertler Unico boasts 50 more watts of power than the already-pretty-impressive 200 watts that the Unico Classic offered. In order to be able to take on that kind of power, it's also equipped with a larger 10-inch woofer. They didn't just give this amp a power boost though—it also has two extra connectors, bringing the total from three to five. Of course, spring reverb is also available and can be adjusted per channel, just like before. In short, the 250W version of the Schertler Unico offers all the best of the Unico Classic, and then some.

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