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Musikmesse 2016: a Warm Welcome to Warm Audio!

Here at Bax-shop, one of Europe's largest music stores, we're proud to welcome Warm Audio to our assortment, a brand that specialises in high-end professional audio products. Their expertise lies in custom-made products where the electrical circuitry is completely separated in order to provide and guarantee the very best audio quality.

Audio quality without compromise

Warm Audio uses the world-class transformers by Reichenbach/CineMag. Warm Audio's goal is to develop professional audio products that are within reach of serious musicians and producers. They strive to deliver the very best quality at a reasonable price to make their products available to everyone. They can do this because their overhead costs are low due to a minimal number of employees. In short, we're excited about what Warm Audio has to offer and extend them a warm welcome to Bax-shop!

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