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Musikmesse 2016: Apogee Introduces the ONE for Mac USB Audio Interface

In addition to the ONE audio interface and microphone for iOS and Mac, Apogee now introduce the ONE for Mac audio interface and microphone exclusively for the Mac. This new model has been introduced as an alternative to the iOS model. If you'd like to use this model with your iPad or iPhone though, you can, but you'll need to buy Apogee's optional iOS connectivity kit in order to do so first.

Apogee ONE for Mac: superior preamp

Just like the ONE for iOS and Mac, this model is equipped with an outstanding microphone preamp that delivers an impressive gain of up to 62 dB. You can be assured of problem-free recordings that are virtually noise-free whether you use the built-in microphone or attach one of your own to the XLR input. The ONE always delivers uncompromised audio quality. Better still, registered Apogee customers are eligible for great discounts on Waves audio plugins.

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