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Musikmesse 2016: ART Showcases D7 Microphone and Studio Control Center

Of course we know the ART brand for their excellent, yet very affordable studio products that yield highly professional results. Their compact series of equipment is a welcome addition to many a home or project studio. At the Musikmesse 2016, ART showed off the latest member of that compact line: the ART SCC Studio Control Center. ART microphones may not be as well-known, but don't underestimate them. New: the ART D7 vocal and instrument microphone.

Studio Control Center

The ART SCC is a highly compact audio switch that allows you to connect three stereo sources and use three stereo outputs. On the front of the Studio Control Center, you can select which inputs you wish to combine with which outputs. Furthermore, there's a Cue input that allows you to connect your DAW's monitor output to the SCC, which you can then listen to using the headphone connector for a separate headphone mix.

D7 vocal and instrument microphone

This dynamic large-diaphragm microphone is great for use both on stage and in the studio. It has a high maximum SPL of 136 dB and a hypercardioid pickup pattern. As such, the D7 can be used for guitar amplifiers, bass guitar amplifiers, drum kits and much more. Finally, it's also a great vocal microphone, excelling in versatility thanks to its proximity effect, high-pass filter and mid boost switch.

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