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Musikmesse 2016: Arturia Presents the Versatile and Compact KeyStep

Arturia first presented the KeyStep back in January at the NAMM show. Now that the Musikmesse in Frankfurt has come around, we thought it was the ideal time to take another look at this versatile MIDI keyboard. For starters, the term MIDI keyboard doesn't really do the KeyStep justice. In fact, the KeyStep is a MIDI keyboard, controller and sequencer in a compact housing that will fit into most rucksacks or laptop bags.

Arturia KeyStep - Portable MIDI keyboard, controller and sequencer

Mobility is an important consideration for today's performers. Modern music productions are no longer confined to recording studios and can be created in planes, trains and automobiles too. Smaller sized synths are also becoming increasingly popular on stage and in studios. With 32 keys, the Arturia KeyStep is not only compact, it's also relatively short and thin.

Despite its size, the versatile KeyStep has a number of inputs and outputs including MIDI in/out, MIDI USB and CV out, as well as sync options including internal sync, USB and MIDI, or sync input. This makes it an interesting product for live use or inside or outside the studio. For more information on the different functions and exact specifications of the Arturia KeyStep keep an eye on the product page.

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