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Musikmesse 2016: Beyerdynamic Boundary Microphone for Bass Drum

One of the best things about the new Beyerdynamic TG D71c condenser microphone is that it's so very easy to use. Normally, you'd need to mount a bass drum microphone on a stand and carefully position it just right to get a good result, but with this boundary mic, those days are over.

Beyerdynamic TG D71c

Bass drum or piano

Thanks to its flat underside, this ultra-durable half-cardioid stage microphone is extremely easy to place. Simply lay it inside the bass drum, and it's ready to be amplified! It is very stable, but if extra stability is required, there are two mounting holes located underneath. You're free to experiment with an exact position in trying to achieve the desired sound. This mic is also suitable for pianos, cajons, and other instruments that have strong, percussive tones in the low frequencies. With a maximum SPL of 148 dB, the TG D71c can definitely handle high volume levels.

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