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Musikmesse 2016: BOSS Connects

BOSS has made good use of this year's MusikMesse trade show to introduce a bunch of new products, including a completely new line of instrument and patch cables. When it comes to BOSS, you can count on high-end components. These cables are available in different varieties, ranging from the BIC-PC patch cable to the 15cm to 6m-long BIC-20 instrument cable.

Solid studio quality

Over the years, BOSS has earned a reputation for producing ultra-durable products with their virtually indestructible effects pedals. They simply can't afford to launch a product that doesn't meet their quality requirements. It goes without saying, therefore, that these cables do. The audio quality is achieved and maintained by means of an oxygen-free copper core and high-quality gold-plated contacts. Interference is effectively nipped in the bud thanks to an inner shielding of braided copper and a synthetic outer shielding, ensuring flexibility and durability.

Want to know more about these BOSS instrument and patch cables? Check out the relevant product pages for up-to-date information on delivery times and prices.
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