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Musikmesse 2016: Dance Among the Stars on an Illuminated Dancefloor by Showtec

Now, you can put together your very own illuminated dancefloor with the Showtec Dancefloor Sparkle RGB panels. Each floor panel has 16 RGB LEDs that can be controlled using a wireless DMX interface. You'll be dancing among the stars in no time!

The LEDs in this Showtec Dancefloor Sparkle RGB panels allow for a variety of colour combinations. Each 60 x 60cm panel is equipped with sixteen LEDs in four separate groups. The panels are 6 mm thick and easy to slot together with the included supports. You can finish the sides and corners with panel edging in two different lengths and corner profiles. These not only protect the edges of this illuminated acrylic dancefloor, they also ensure your party-goers don't trip while they're trying to bust a move.

Showtec Dancefloor Sparkle RGB panel for any surface

The panels are sold per piece, so you can make the floor any size you want. The dancefloor is powered by a Showtec Dancefloor Sparkle PSU power adapter, which can supply enough juice for 45 panels.

For a truly spectacular light show, the Showtec Dancefloor Sparkle DMX Box sends DMX commands to the dancefloor. Via a 2.4GHz frequency band, this interface can receive up to five DMX instructions from your DMX controller. The dancefloor can run various programs, its lights can be dimmed or adjusted to the beat of the music, and the panels can be synchronised in a wide range of colours. Get the party started!

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