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Musikmesse 2016: Danelectro gets Swanky with the '59M Spruce!

The iconic vintage-style brand Danelectro introduces the '59M Spruce! This guitar has the familiar great Danelectro look, and features a spruce top, frame, and F-hole. It's available in six different colours, from classic black to sparkling pearl white with red accents.

Danelectro '59M Spruce!

Danelectro is already a hugely popular name, but the '59M Spruce is sure to win even more hearts with its familiar vintage look and snazzy F-hole! Most Danelectro guitars have a masonite body, but the '59M has a spruce top and frame which makes the guitar a bit more luxurious and gives it a more balanced, clearer sound. To complete its retro look, it features a wavy F-hole for a more open sound character. It's also equipped with two '56 Lipstick pickups to achieve that authentic Danelectro fifties sound. The '59M comes in six different colour schemes: Black, Chianti, White Pearl Black, White Pearl Red, White Pearl Blue, and Buttercup.

A true classic!

Danelectro was founded in 1946 by Nathan Daniel. Although the early models weren't much to look at, they were remarkably efficient. They had a wooden frame and a hardboard front and back, and the sides were finished with tape! Despite - or perhaps because of - this sober construction, these guitars possessed a characteristic sound that quickly gained popularity. Production ceased in 1968, but the brand made a comeback about 25 years later with guitars that had that same Danelectro sound, only now with improved construction and hardware. The Danelectro '59M Spruce is one of them!

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