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Musikmesse 2016: dB Technologies Add Two Floor Monitors to the LVX Series

The professional LVX serie by dB Technologies has been around for some time now, but have recently been joined by two new floor monitors. The relatively light and compact LVX XM12 and XM15, that have been presented at the Prolight + Sound 2016 contain a surprising amount of power, transparency and definition.

dB Technologies LVX Stage Monitors


Being able to hear yourself and your fellow musicians well (even perfectly) on stage is of vital importance to musicians and vocalists alike. This is a tremendous amount of work for sound technicians, so the right equipment is vital. These new floor monitors from the LVX series are products you can count on. Whether you choose the 12-inch model or the bigger, bass-heavy 15-inch variety, you're guaranteed a speaker that will fit in just about anywhere.

Coaxial design and DSP

These active floor monitors are coaxial, which means there's a high-frequency driver inside the woofer instead of next to it. What's more, these speakers have been equipped with a carefully-developed horn that boasts several functions. For starters, it steers the high frequencies as optimally as possible in the direction of the musician. Indirect advantages are a sturdier construction, a more compact housing and more emphasis on the frequency band where the vocal sounds are located. This last aspect ensures, together with the integrated DSP processor, maximum audio clarity. You even have a choice between eight different DSP presets to easily adjust the sound to your liking.

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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