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Musikmesse 2016: dB Technologies Reveals VIO Line Array Series

dB Technologies have brought along their brand new VIO Line Array series to Musikmesse 2016 (or more accurately to Prolight+Sound). With the combination of freshly designed cabinets, top-quality components, the latest amplification technology and DSP functionality, dB's VIO series is perfect for those looking for a reliable, professional line array system.

dB Technologies VIO Series


The new VIO series consists of the VIO L210 speaker with two 10-inch woofers and a 1.4-inch HF driver, the VIO S318 subwoofer that has three 18-inch woofers, and a range of accessories. Both models are easy to install and configure and are perfect for small to medium-sized stages. They deliver a balanced sound that other setups simply can't compete with. An example of a small setup would be two sets of four L210s with a S318 for each set.


The L210s can be connected together easily using the integrated 3-point rigging system. The DRK 210 Flybar can then be fixed to the top for mounting on a truss so that the speaker set can be adjusted to perfection. Another option would be to mount the speakers on top of the S318 subwoofer with the Flybar in between.

Efficient amplification

The VIO L210 has a maximum sound pressure level of 135 dB and is fitted with an extremely efficient class D amplifier that delivers 900 watts RMS. It's no problem to power up to ten L210s on one 230 V/16 A group or to optimise the sound dispersion. The internal DSP processor can be accurately controlled via RDNet (with standard network cables) That goes for the VIO S318 subwoofer too.


Apart from the Flybar, there are other accessories available for the VIO line array system to make setups as easy as possible. There are dollies available for both models, the DT VIOL210 and DO VIOS318 respectively. dB Technologies also offers a set of wheels (the SWK-18) as an alternative to the subwoofer dolly.

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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