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Musikmesse 2016: Fischer Amps Presents Four New Rhapsody In-Ears

Fischer Amps have just launched a new in-ear series! The Rhapsody series consists of four different models, each of which give your sound a different flavour. That means that there's a suitable model for every kind of musician in this extensive series. We have to warn you though, it may not be easy to choose between the Lithium, Rapture, Frenzy and Symphonie, and once you've gotten that far, you'll have nine colours to choose from as well!

Fischer Amps - Rhapsody series

Not every musician is into fat bass. Vocalists and horn players, for instance, tend to want their audio to have more clarity and detail. Bassists and drummers often want more body and a full sound in the bass and mids. Keyboardists, guitarists and many other musicians often want more of a middle ground. The point is, every artist has his or her preferences when it comes to their live sound, and Rischer Amps is catering to just that with their Rhapsody series. In order from low to high frequency range, the models are as follows: Lithium, Rapture, Frenzy and Symphonie. With each model available in nine different colours, the choice won't be easy. Every model has a 140cm cable with a mini stereo jack, and comes with a set of replaceable ear buds in different sizes, a cleaning brush, and a convenient storage pouch.

Rhapsody - Lithium in-ears

The Lithium in-ears focus on the lower end of the sound spectrum. With powerful bass and a strong mid range, they still offer enough clarity in the trebles, making them a great choice for drummers and bassists. They're the only set in the series with a 2-way imaging system. The Lithium in-ears have three drivers: 2x bass and 1x mid/high.

Rhapsody - Rapture in-ears

For folks who want powerful bass, but a bit more definition and clarity in the mid range, there's the Rapture in-ears. These 3-way personal monitors have four drivers, 2x bass, 1x mid, 1x high. They're an excellent choice for guitarists and keyboardists, but also for drummers and bassists who want to hear more detail.

Rhapsody - Frenzy in-ears

The Frenzy model features a 3-way imaging system and four drivers, and focuses more on the higher end of the mid range. You can still expect solid bass levels with the Frenzy in-ears, but the emphasis is definitely on the mid/high range. This is typically quite nice for horn players, guitarists and keyboardists. Vocalists looking for a balanced sound and who want to hear themselves clearly would also do well with the Frenzy model.

Rhapsody - Symphonie

The Symphonie in-ear monitors level out the bass to make more room for the mids and highs. The mids sound clear and detailed, and the higher you go, the more clarity and definition you get. Vocals are easily understood, and they won't be hindered by low humming bass frequencies. The Symphonie in-ears also feature a 3-way system with four drivers (2x bass, 1x mid en 1x high).

In the picture below you'll see the nine colours that each of the four models are available in.

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