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Musikmesse 2016: Genelec 7360 and 7370 Subwoofers

Yesterday, we announced the launch of the brand new studio monitors by Genelec. The renowned company now presents their 7360 and 7370 studio subwoofers. They're big, accurate, flexible and future-proof!


The 7360 and the 7370 boast an accuracy of 19 Hz (+/- 3 dB) and a frequency response of 150 Hz and 100 Hz respectively. Their sound and amplification is nothing to scoff at either with 109 dB at 300 watts for the 7360 and 113 dB at 400 watts for the 7370. In short, they augment the newly launched Genelec studio monitors perfectly.

SAM technology

These subs are part of Genelec's SAM product line, which stands for Smart Active Monitor. Without getting into too much detail, it's clear that this extremely intelligent technology ensures a very authentic frequency response. It features tonal compensation for the acoustics in the room where the speaker is placed, for starters. What's more, you can influence the sub's crossover frequency and improve the timing. At the end of the day, the SAM series is so much more just a collection of studio monitors that are easily operable via your Mac or PC using RJ45 cables.

We knew that Genelec made professional gear, but these subwoofers are unbeatable! Let's not forget: these studio monitors were made for the fine art of mixing and mastering, a challenging undertaking that Genelec has just made easier.

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