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Musikmesse 2016: Genelec 8340A, 8350A and 8430A IP Studio Monitors

Genelec has been one of the most popular names in studio monitors for years. A new model is therefore always welcome, not to mention three! We're talking about the 8340A, 8350A and the 8430A IP, which should interest project studios in particular.


Together, these models represent an impressive line up of technology designed to deliver a sound that's as pure as possible. A multitude of small, yet critical details, like rounded corners on the housing, enhance this. The most important factor has to be SAM: Smart Active Monitor. With SAM, you can use your computer to calibrate an optimal sound depending on your specific studio setup. The included Iso-Pod™ stand helps to achieve that ideal sound.


All technical mumbo-jumbo aside, these monitors just sound awesome. The 8340A (6.5 + 0.75") and the full-range 8350A (8 + 1") have a particularly rich frequency response that allows you to hear all the relevant frequencies, which is vital for mixing. The 8430A IP (5 + 0.75") stands out thanks to its connection: audio-over-IP!

Professionalism has always been a high priority at Genelec, and these monitors all possess that standard of class and quality. Keep an eye on the relevant product pages for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing!

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