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Musikmesse 2016: Genelec 9301A speaker interface

We already told you about the new Genelec studio monitors and subwoofers, which are part of the SAM product line. Those were the easy products, however, this 9301A speaker interface is a little more complex. Don't be too daunted, though, because it has plenty to offer!


As you may have understood from our earlier article about the SAM speakers, the Genelec SAM series supports digital (AES/EBU) signals. Of course, that's great for signal integrity, but it also requires you to rethink your cable management.

How does it work?

You send eight AES/EBU signals to the 9301A module, divided over four digital XLR connectors. Chances are you're mixing in 7.1, so there are your eight channels. The AES/EBU outputs send these signals onto other SAM speakers in your network, while the Subwoofer link sends the '.1' signal of your 7.1 project through to the SAM subwoofer. As such, that subwoofer is also controlled digitally, where it used to be analogue. To clarify: the 9301A module is only worth it if your whole speaker configuration uses AES/EBU.

If the above doesn't make much sense to you, then the Genelec 9301A might not be the ideal product for you, as it can be a little more involved than you'd like. However, if you've invested in Genelecs new SAM system (or would like to), then the 9301A is the ideal way to mange that system!

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