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MusikMesse 2016: Get Back with Hofner

The German Hofner company will always have a certain connection to the Beatles—mostly because of Paul McCartney's love of the Hofner violin bass. Of course, Hofner is quite proud of this fact, and they've decided to celebrate it by releasing four handmade limited edition effects pedals for guitar and bass guitar: the Hofner Limited Edition Tremalux, Germanium Bass Fuzz, Sound Of The 60's Reverb and Time And Again Delay.

And Your Bass Can Sing

Of the four effects, two have been designed especially for bass guitars, and they sound phenomenal combined with the iconic Hofner bass. The Limited Edition Germanium Bass Fuzz delivers that buttery '60s fuzz, ranging from a slight grungy edge to a ferocious overdrive. To achieve this, Hofner used 'New Old Stock' germanium transistors. In other words these transistors could possibly have been from the same batch as those in Mr McCartney's very own Fuzz Box. The next bass pedal in the series is called the Tremalux, and as the name suggests, it's a vintage-style tremolo effect. It creates a delicious sound and it's very easy to use, with control knobs that are based on those on the iconic violin bass (which also appear on the other three pedals).

All you need is Hofner

The Hofner Limited Edition Time And Again Delay and Sound of the 60s Reverb are suitable for both bass and guitar. Where the reverb harks back to the '60s, giving you a vintage reverb tank sound, the Time and Again provides more of a '70s analogue delay sound. In both cases, the results are quite impressive. Hofner couldn't have thought of a better name for their reverb pedals, as it emphatically does give you the sound of the '60s. The Time and Again delay is also a true gem, with a warm, distinctive sound that modern digital delays simply cannot replicate. You can imagine the (ex) Beatles were quite happy with this new technology at the time, as it allowed them to swap their bulky tape units for compact pedals!

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