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Musikmesse 2016: HK Audio Expands its PREMIUM PR:O Series

HK Audio proudly presents the newest additions to its PREMIUM PR:O series, known as PREMIUM PR:O D. With 5 new active PA speakers, the hugely successful PR:O series is now even better. Going from the smallest to the largest models, the new speakers are known as the PR:O 10 XD, the PR:O 12 D, the PR:O 12 XD, the PR:O 15 D and the PR:O 15 XD.

HK Audio PREMIUM PR:O D series

Popular speakers

While countless touring musicians are undoubtedly already familiar with the PR:O speakers, a quick overview of this popular series won't hurt. The series consists of passive and active speakers that are known for their remarkably strong and punchy sound characterised by a high degree of transparency, even at extreme volumes. They are built for life on the road too, as the robust housing proves.

Far-reaching sound

With the PREMIUM PR:O D models, HK Audio are building upon this legacy. The new speakers are powered by the latest 1200-watt class D amplifiers which, together with the DSP, are responsible for a maximum sound pressure level (SPL) of up to 132 dB. The sound produced has a balanced frequency response with strong bass and a sound dispersion of 90 degrees to reach as much of your audience as possible.

HK Audio PREMIUM PR:O D series - details


Working with the PR:O D series speakers is easy. You can connect them to a mixer or plug a microphone directly in to the socket on the rear. It's simple to change the sound characteristics too. A tone knob lets you make adjustments easily so that you'll always have the perfect sound. There's also a Thru socket on the rear so that you can connect another speaker.

Which model?

If you plan on using your speaker mainly for speech, then the PR:O 10 XD with its 10-inch woofer would be a good choice. It also makes an excellent floor monitor. If you're planning on playing mainly music through your PA system, then a model with a larger woofer would make a better choice because of its fuller bass sound. In this case, the 12 D or the 12 XD is the one for you. The 12 XD model would make a good floor monitor too. For genres like electronic music, you'd probably be best going for a model with an even bigger woofer like the 15 D or 15 XD. Of course, you can also add a PR:O subwoofer to your setup.

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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