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Musikmesse 2016: Introducing the Korg Stageman 80 - Solid Rhythms for Solo Performers

Perhaps best known for their keyboards and synths, Korg now introduce the Stageman 80, a 2x 40-watt stereo amplifier with a built-in drum machine and mixer. If you've ever wanted to add a solid rhythm section to your solo performances, now you can. This is much more than just a standard drum machine built into an amp, however. Everything is contained in an attractive and compact housing that's easy to take with you too.

Real Groove Technology

One the Stageman 80's highlights is the use of drum sounds that were recorded live for natural, musical-sounding phrases and dynamics. It's even possible to create your own rhythm structure and program the drums as you wish. This gives you virtually unlimited possibilities and plenty of room for improvisation too.

Storage and editing

The Stageman 80 has a built-in card reader on board for recording your performances or playing music. It's compatible with SD and SDHC cards with storage capacities of 1 GB to 32 GB. For connecting instruments to the amp, there's a built-in mixer with an XLR microphone input and two jack inputs. It's also possible to add reverb to the mix. You'll find a metronome and tuner on board as well to keep you in time and in tune. The Stageman 80 runs on a DC power supply or batteries for ultimate portability. Complete your one-man-band with Korg's Stageman 80.

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