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Musikmesse 2016: JBL Eon One - the Portable PA for Musicians and Public Speakers

If you're a public speaker, performer or musician, you're going to find yourself on stage at one point or another. Should that stage lack the proper amplification equipment, or should it happen to be outdoors in the centre of a group of people, then a portable PA set like the JBL's new Eon One is just what you need.


The Eon One houses a 10-inch woofer and six 2-inch tweeters which are placed in a line-array for a very wide vertical dispersion. That's particularly useful when your audience is located above or below the stage, as it ensures everyone can hear what you have to say. You have 380 watts of power at your disposal, which delivers a peak SPL of 118 dB. For a medium-sized crowd, that's more than enough. The built-in mixing panel offers two mono (XLR/jack) and two stereo connectors (jacks, RCA, Bluetooth), which should be sufficient for one or two performers. For vocals and/or acoustic instruments, there is a reverb and a two-band equalizer on the mono channel.


The Eon One is extremely practical, weighing just under 19 kilos, which means you can lift it with one hand. Setting up is done in a flash. Operating the PA is straightforward and efficient.

The JBL Eon One is not the only portable PA on the market, and there are plenty to choose from these days. However, the Eon One is definitely a strong contender, and is well worth your consideration.

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