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Musikmesse 2016: Konig & Meyer Presents a Number of New Products

Accessories by Konig & Meyer are hugely popular and loved because of their practical, stylish and rock-solid designs. Konig & Meyer traditionally present a large number of new products at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt and this year is no exception. We've previously mentioned the new iPad holders and now we've got information about a wide variety of different products from piano benches to pencil holders!

Something for sound engineers

Sound engineers are as familiar with the Konig & Meyer name as musicians are. That's because Konig & Meyer offer solutions for every situation. Take the practical red or black K&M 21445 for instance, a levelling leg for speaker stands that allows you make adjustments of up to 20cm in height. Or what about the K&M 24140 speaker wall mount that enables you to securely hang speakers weighing up to 35kg to the walls in your studio.

Goods for guitarists

The Guardian series of guitar stands have a new addition with the K&M 17534 Guardian (3 + 1), providing room for one acoustic guitar and three electric models. If you want to make your Guardian series guitar stand mobile, then the 17510 castors are what you need. There are also new capos for classical guitar and ukulele that are perfect examples of efficient German design.

More for musicians

With so many new Konig & Meyer products being released, it's not possible to list them all here. As we've already mentioned, the range of products is very diverse and includes things like music stand lights as well as comfortable piano benches. They've also got things like stands for soprano saxophones and a compact stand for a clarinet. For digital music fans there's the 18819 Controller Keyboard Tray. Old school musicians will be able to appreciate the 18818 Sheet Music Stand and the Mighty Bright 85635 Music Stand Light. And last but not least, we can't forget the practical 16099 Magnetic Pencil Holder. As you can see, Konig & Meyer have once again expanded their range with a wide variety of practical new products.

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