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Musikmesse 2016: Korg Presents Sledgehammer Custom 100 Clip-on Tuners

When a company that's been making tuners for 40 years announce a brand new guitar tuner from their Custom Shop series, our expectations are naturally high. Fortunately for us (and you), the top-level specs of the Korg Sledgehammer Custom 100 clip-on tuner certainly don't disappoint. The biggest problem you'll have will be deciding on which of the four colours to choose from.

Tune and go

The Korg Sledgehammer Custom 100 clip-on tuner for guitar and bass is lightweight, highly accurate and easy to read. Anyone who has ever used a tuner will certainly appreciate the clarity provided by this model, especially those who have tried to tune their instruments quickly on a dark stage. The Sledgehammer Custom 100 has a powerful, bright LED display so that you can clearly see whether your strings are in tune or not. A clip allows you to attach the tuner quickly, easily and securely to your guitar's headstock so a quick glance in that direction will tell you all you need to know. There are three different display modes to choose from and the tuner can be calibrated between 436 and 445 Hz. What more do you need?

100-hour battery life

Unlike many models, the Sledgehammer Custom 100 works on a single AAA battery that provides approximately 100 hours of highly accurate tuning. If you forget to turn the tuner off before putting it away, don't worry, it's fitted with an auto power-off function.

The Sledgehammer Custom 100 is available in Black, Red, Blue, and White. Which colour will you choose?

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