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Musikmesse 2016: Latest Effects by MagicFX

The magic of MagicFX is that the brand knows how to surprise year in, year out, with a range of innovative, high-quality products. This year at the Prolight + Sound show, the well-known Dutch company has pulled a few tricks out of its hat once again. One particularly remarkable trick is the Bubblbastard: a fascinating combination of a bubble-maker and smoke machine. And how about the Confetti Pistol, the super-fast PsyCO2JET and the amazingly powerful Stadium Blaster?

MagicFX new products 2016

Smoke bubbles

The Bubblbastard, which is pictured below, produces smoke-filled bubbles that, in combination with LED lighting, creates a very unique effect. Simply fill this top-notch professional 1200-watt device with both bubble and smoke fluid (by MagicFX of course), and voilà! The Bubblbastard can produce no fewer than 9,000 bubbles a minute and is fitted with a robust flight case housing.

MagicFX Bubblbastard effect

10 kilos, 20 metres

As its name suggests, MagicFX's Stadium Blaster is especially suitable for stadium events. It weighs 65 kilos and effortlessly shoots out about 10 kilos of confetti per shot. The pressure is provided by CO2 in either a fluid or gas state; in a fluid state, the confetti blast is followed by a visible cloud of mist. Fill the Stadium Blaster with a load of confetti and launch it up to 20 metres high in the sky! If you want to make things even more interesting, you can. Take some extra confetti, like this, and write your own personal message on each one, just like Adele did recently!

Even more confetti shooters

We were already familiar with MagicFX's Confetti Gun, but if you've got an extra hand free, they now present the Confetti Pistol. Charge up the internal battery and fire it up to 300 times! Confetti isn't loaded in manually, but is installed via an Electric Confetti or Streamer Cannon, that are available in different varieties. Another type of confetti/streamer-shooter is the Qlubshot. Contrary to the Stadium Blaster, the Qlubshot uses air pressure to launch its contents. Even though you could try using a bike pump, it's best to combine this product with a suitable compressor, like the MagicFX MFX0405.

Stimulating CO2

A familiar CO2 effect often used at concerts is where white plumes of smoke are fired from different corners of the stage. The PsyCO2JET, as the name implies, takes things to the next level. This device features a special head that spins insanely fast - almost 4 full rotations per second - and ejects CO2 plumes in a powerful, dynamic way for a truly stimulating effect.

Flame effects

MagicFX's Stage Burner is a decorative effect that is actually less perilous than its name suggests. This effect may not be as safe as a street lamp, but it's definitely not as extreme as a flame thrower either. Essentially, it's a bowl of fire that's filled with propane to produce a flame of about 1 metre high. Unlike a flame thrower, it administers a continuous flame. As we can expect from a reputable brand like MagicFX, it's naturally equipped with all the necessary safety precautions.

Smoke machines with LEDs

Which brings us to the final effect, the Smoke Jet. It's a vertical smoke machine with built-in LED lights that simulates the effect of a flame thrower. It isn't necessarily new, but if it's made by MagicFX, then you can be sure it's the very best. This imitation CO2/flame thrower is a handy effect when actual flames are not permitted for safety reasons that you can use in just about any professional environment.

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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