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Musikmesse 2016: LEDs for Showtec Sunstrip Active!

Showtec has done it. They've managed to develop an alternative to the halogen lamps in their Sunstrip Active. That's right, you won't need expensive halogens any more. From now on, you can use much more affordable and energy-saving LED bulbs without sacrificing the characteristics of this light effect.

In the Sunstrip Active, the halogen bulbs slowly dim out, one after another. For years, this effect was impossible to recreate with LED lamps, but now Showtec has succeeded! These Showtec Retrofit LED lamps for the Sunstrip Active have the exact same characteristics as halogen lamps, but are a lot less expensive. What's more, an average stageblinder like the Sunstrip would need about ten 75-watt halogen bulbs, while these LED lamps deliver just 7.5 watts each! That's great news for users and renters alike!

With the Retrofit LED lamp, Showtec has managed to recreate the slow dimming effect of the halogen lamps by means of a condenser in each LED. For the Sunstrip, Showtec offers these LED bulbs in both white and warm-white. Even at only 7.5 watts, these LEDs deliver the same exact light intensity and dispersion angle.

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