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Musikmesse 2016: Lots of New BOSS Products!

Guitar effects giant BOSS is also at the Messe, with plenty of new products. Creative musicians will love the RC-202 Loop Station and the VE-8 Acoustic Singer. The WAZA line has been expanded with the Steve Vai Legacy Tone Capsule for the WAZA AMP head, as well as the TU-3W WAZA CRAFT tuner. And BOSS has more tuner news, as they presented three more tuners: the TU-3S, TU-01 and TU-30!

RC-202 Loop Station and VE-8 Acoustic Singer

After the great success of the RC-505, BOSS has now released a more compact version. The BOSS RC-202 is a handy, compact loop station that's great for musicians who perform often. You can hook up a microphone and two instruments/modules to the device, to allow for a whole palette of sounds, and it boasts a maximum recording time of no fewer than 3 hours. Furthermore, the RC-202 is easy to operate with your hands, even in live situations, thanks to its large buttons and clear backlighting. As such, you'll have easy access to all the playback, recording, looping and tempo sync functions. Of course, the RC-202 also features a range of effects, to help lift your creations to a higher level.

If you're a guitar player who also loves to sing, and you like fun effects, then the BOSS VE-8 Acoustic Singer is a great effects pedal for you! It features sections and inputs for both your guitar and your microphone, and it has a built-in looper. Your guitar sound can be altered using all kinds of modulation effects. The range of harmony effects are of particular note. These allow you to add one of 9 kinds of harmonies to your vocals. Finally, this pedal can be plugged directly into virtually any PA system, so you can always take the stage without having to worry.


Do you own the BOSS WAZA Amp, and are you looking for a great way to enhance your sound? The people at BOSS worked together with Steve Vai to reproduce his sound with remarkable accuracy, incorporating elements from his famous Legacy. From smooth leads with oodles of sustain to a warm and dynamic clean, the Steve Vai Legacy Tone Capsule can coax it all out of your WAZA Amp Head.

To give you the highest-quality version of the popular TU-3 stage tuner, BOSS has now introduced the WAZA Craft Special Edition model. The TU-3W is made of high-quality parts and assembled by the Japanese craftsmen at BOSS. It has a clear LED display with a High Brightness mode. What's more, you can choose whether to use the pedal in buffer bypass or true bypass mode.

All tuned up

In ye olden days, people had to bother with cumbersome tuning methods like tuning forks and whistles, but luckily, we now have modern compact tuning devices. However, it seems like these tuners are still evolving at a quick pace. Besides the aforementioned TU-3W, BOSS has three more tuners in store. Where the TU-3W is a fancier version of the famous TU-3, the TU-3S is a stripped down version of that same device. The TU-3S does everything the TU-3 does, but it does not have a foot switch. That means it's smaller, lighter and always on.

For musicians who want to play in time as well as be able to tune their instrument accurately, BOSS developed the TU-30. This tuner has a metronome feature to help you practise certain parts, for instance. Clip-on tuners are all the rage nowadays. Of course, BOSS plays their part in that, with the TU-01. This compact clip-on is suitable for various string instruments, features a large LED display and a very reasonable price.

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