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Musikmesse 2016: New Cajons by Sela

Sela presented a number of new cajons at the annual Musikmesse trade show in Frankfurt, as well as a few existing models that have been given a makeover! Now, the popular Varios entry-level model is available with a gold front plate and it even comes in a 37cm-high miniature version, specially designed for the smallest percussionists among us. The most noteworthy of the new additions is without a doubt the CaSela Vintage series.

Sela CaSela Vintage cajons

The new CaSela Vintage cajons are essentially the old, tried-and-trusted CaSela cajons that have been popular with beginners as well as advanced percussionists for years. The biggest difference is the front plate, which is available in four different colours: Vintage Brown, Vintage Red, Vintage Grey and Vintage Blue. This Thin Splash front plate is made of fine wood veneer and can easily be replaced with another CaSela front plate, if desired.

The body is made of 11 layers of birch glued together to form a 15mm-thick housing. This wood type has incredible sound characteristics that really come through in this new range of cajons, enhancing sound projection and boasting deep bass tones. Thanks to Clap Corners, accents played on the edge of this cajon will cut through the mix with even more definition and attack. These cajons measure 47 x 30 x 30 cm. To offer a little extra stability and comfort, the corners and edges have been finished in maple and rounded nicely. On the inside, the CeSela cajon is equipped with a snare wire that can easily be removed, should you want a traditional Peruvian sound. With the snare intact, you'll be able to create more of a Flamenco sound. If a single snare wire isn't sufficient for your needs, then you can easily install another (separately-available) one. The four rubber feet give this cajon a stable base and ensure it doesn't slide around while you're playing it. Plus, they minimising direct contact with the floor, improving the instrument's resonance.

Sela CaSela Pro Vintage cajon

These CaSela Pro Vintage cajons are almost exactly like the CaSela Vintage cajons, with the exception of an integrated snare tension system. The Pro version has a switch on the side that lets you tighten or loosen the snares, effectively turning them snares on or off. This is super handy when you want to quickly switch from a modern to a more traditional Peruvian sound. The CaSela Pro cajons are also available in four colours: Vintage Brown, Vintage Red, Vintage Grey and Vintage Blue.

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