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MusikMesse 2016: New Zaor workstations

If you want to set up your studio properly, you're not going to want to get everything from the hardware store on the corner. That might be nice for setting up your garden or building a chicken coop, but probably not going to get you an ergonomic workstation. No, for properly designed studio furniture, your one-stop shop is Bax-shop, where we've been stocking studio furniture from the famous Zoar for years. This year, Zoar is coming out with a number of new models, including the Miza JR, the Miza M and their new flagship model, the Zaor Miza X2.

Zaor Miza X-2 with iSOPLANE speaker stands

If you thought that the original Miza X couldn't get any better, you'll have to think again! Zaor has made a number of small adjustments to the model, which aren't that spectacular in and of themselves, but which add up to make quite a big difference. All of the good things have stayed the same, so the Miza X-2 still has room for no fewer than 12 rack modules, plus a computer, plus extra storage space. This time around, however, the Miza X2 is equipped with two iSOPLANE speaker stands. These isolating stands are responsible for a significant improvement in sound and projection for any speaker weighing up to 15 kg.

Miza Jr and Miza M

Even if you're not ready to pull out all the stops, it's still important to make sure that your work space is set up ergonomically. In that case, you could go for the compact Miza Jr, or the slightly larger Zaor Miza M. Where the Miza Jr. is intended for musicians and producers who spend a lot of time at the computer, the Miza M was designed with a removable section for your keyboard. All in all, Zaor has come out with another lovely collection of products, and with the nice variety of specs, you're sure to find a Miza model that's perfect for you.

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