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Musikmesse 2016: Protect your Instrument with the D'Addario Humiditrak

An instrument represents a certain emotional or monetary value. That's why you don't want to risk any damage to it due to extreme temperatures or humidity, for instance. The D'Addario Humiditrak allows you to keep an eye on the status of your instrument at all times.

Humiditrak: user-friendly

The D'Addario Humiditrak sends data to a free application for your smartphone via Bluetooth. This compact case functions as a hygrometer and a thermometer. You can call up the air humidity level and temperature of your instrument per hour, per day or per month. To be extra sure, you can set an alarm to go off if certain levels are exceeded. That way, you'll always be sure to avoid any damage to your precious instrument. If you're using multiple Humiditraks for different instruments, all the data will be visible in the same app. Maintaining your priceless instrument collection has never been easier with D'Addario!

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