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Musikmesse 2016: RME Announces Four New Products

Clearly, the folks at RME have been keeping themselves busy. Known for their brilliant interfaces, the brand has launched no fewer than four new products at the 2016 Musikmesse trade show! First of all, there is the Fireface UFX+, successor to the original flagship, the Fireface UFX audio interface. Next, there is a re-vamped version of the RME ADI-2, the ADI-2 Pro, a 2-channel AD/DA converter. Following in the footsteps of the Babyface Pro is the MADIface Pro and the RME ARC USB remote control for use with the RME Fireface, Babyface Pro, Babyface and 802 units.

Fireface UFX+: a whole new flagship

For the first time ever, there is a brand new audio interface flagship at RME, namely the UMX+. The plus extension has a ton of extra features that the original Fireface doesn't, like full Thunderbolt support and USB 3, for starters. RME also ensures that Thunderbolt is fully-functional in a Windows PC environment as well. Besides that, MADI is now fully integrated, increasing the number of channels significantly. With the UMX+, you can record up to 188 channels at once! Other than that, the analogue circuitry has also been enhanced, as well as the AD/DA converters.

MADIface Pro: the new standard in desktop recording

The MADIface Pro is RME's follow-up to the extremely popular Babyface Pro audio interface which, considering all the improvements it's undergone, has definitely been built to impress. Its ADAT port has been replaced by a MADI port, which means you can record up to 64 channels simultaneously! iOS devices are supported thanks to the free app called 'MultiMix FX for iPad', which offers you limitless routing and mixing possibilities.

ADI-2 Pro: excellent AD/DA converter, and more

Besides being able to use the ADI-2 Pro as an AD/DA converter, you can also use it as a USB 2 interface, USB 2 DAC or as a high-end headphone amplifier. With a sample rate of 768 kHz, the ADI-2 Pro belongs right at the top of the heap when it comes to audio converters. It's also impressive where connectivity is concerned, as it features an SPDIF I/O that can interpret ADAT protocol, an SPDIF via RCA, and an AES I/O via XLR. It's equipped with two separate balanced and unbalanced outputs via XLR and TRS, as well as a couple of headphone outputs for (very) high-impedance headphones.

RME Advanced Remote Control (ARC): total control from a distance

Using the separately available RME ARC USB remote control, you can operate the UFX+, Babyface, Babyface Pro and 802 interfaces. The ARC USB works with USB 1.1 protocol and communicates with your interface via MIDI commands. The 15 illuminated buttons show which functions you can activate. Via the encoder wheel, you can quickly and easily navigate the available parameters, and it even has a foot switch input. You can download the free iOS app 'TotalMix FX for iPad' to create, save and load mixes on your iPad!

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing!

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