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Musikmesse 2016: Roland's New Drum Pedals Are Now Even Quieter

Housemates and neighbours will love the new drum pedals by Roland. Thanks to an innovative new design, they are now quieter than ever. The KT-9 Kick Trigger and the FD-9 Hi-Hat Control pedals are compact too.

Quiet, quieter, quietest

Compared to an acoustic drum kit, electronic drum kits are much quieter of course, but the sound of the pedal is usually still present. The KT-9 and FD-9 pedals address this problem with an innovative beaterless design. Instead of a beater, they feature a patent-pending link mechanism that is incorporated into the pedal. The result is that the KT-9 produces 85% less noise than Roland's own KD-9 pedal, while the FD-9 produces 50% less noise than Roland's FD-8.

Natural response

Of course, an innovative and quiet design would be meaningless if the pedals didn't feel and respond just like standard pedals. There's no need to worry about that because Roland have ensured that they do. Both pedals feature the familiar toe stopper to help you set your foot position. The pedals can be used in combination with all of Roland's electronic percussion products including the Octapad and V-drums.

Now you can truly practise drumming to your heart's content without disturbing others.

Check out our product pages for more detailed information on these pedals including prices and delivery times. For more news, check out our Musikmesse 2016 news feed.

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