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Musikmesse 2016: Sennheiser Introduces the MK 4 Digital USB Studio Condenser Microphone

After so much success with the formula for the Sennheiser MK 4 studio microphone, Sennheiser decided to team up with D/A specialist Apogee Electronics again. This time, the result is the much anticipated MK 4 Digital. The MK 4 Digital USB studio condenser microphone was designed to be perfectly integrated in the mobile market, to allow the user to make studio-quality recordings on their PC, Mac, or iOS device.

Apogee: Superior D/A conversion guarantee

It's no wonder that Sennheiser wanted to collaborate with Apogee, given their years of expertise in audio conversion and audio converter preamps. As such, you can expect the MK 4 Digital to deliver a pristine studio quality audio signal. You can also make line-level recordings that are virtually noise free, thanks to the high gain produced by the preamplifier. Creating studio-quality recordings on the road will never be a problem again!

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