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Musikmesse 2016: Showtec Battery LED Spots now with WiFi and in Lime!

Showtec has just announced the addition of three remarkable LED spots to their Events line. Their EventLITE series is now a wireless party light effect richer, namely the EventLITE 7/4 , which features 7 4-watt RGBW-LEDs that bathe objects or walls in multi-coloured light via DMX or WiFi. At the same time, they've added two smaller units to their Eventspot series, the Eventspot 60 Q 7 in silver and black. These are battery-powered 7-in-1 LED spots. What makes these spots so remarkable is that besides the usual RGBs, White, UV and Amber, you can also create amazing combinations with the colour Lime!

These three new additions to the EventLITE and Eventspot series are definitely worth having a look at. All three are compact lighting fixtures. The Showtec EventLITE 7/4 works for up to 6 hours with all 7 4-watt lights at full blast. Great distances between units is no problem thanks to the wireless DMX functionality. There is no need for cables with the EventLITE 7/4, unless you want to daisy-chain multiple units to use the master/slave mode. These LED spots can be operated using an IR remote or a wireless light controller, but function perfectly with automatic programs or in sound-activated mode too.

Eventspot 60 Q 7 with wide zoom range

The Eventspot 60 Q 7 is available in black and silver, and although it's the smallest of the new line, its performance is huge! The zoom range is remarkably wide at 45 degrees (55 degrees including the outer edge). These 1.2-kilo LED spots create an incredibly large colour palette because they combine all 7 colours into one LED. To top it all off, now that lime has been added to red, green, blue, white, amber, and UV, virtually any colour combination is possible!

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