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Musikmesse 2016: Showtec Releases Three New Versions of their Flexible LED strip

Showtec has added three new flexible LED strips to their range. LED light strips are a great way to set the right mood or to draw the eye to a specific object. They've become quite popular, and that's why Showtec has release three new plug-and-play sets at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt.

The Showtec Flexstrip Set RGB 5 metre is the same as the 3 metre one, only longer. The set consists of a 12V power adapter, tape, an infrared remote, and of course an LED strip with built-in light shows.

The Showtec Flexstrip Set RGBW is is a complete set with a 3-metre LED flex strip that mixes RGB colours with warm white, making it possible to create lovely pastel tints.

There's also a blacklight version available now, the Showtec Flexstrip Set UV, and it has no fewer than 60 LEDs per metre.

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