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Musikmesse 2016: SPL Presents New Director, PQ and Phonitor Models

SPL has plenty to show off this year at the Frankfurt Musikmesse. In the Pro-Fi series, the famous brand introduces the next steps in combining studio technology and high-fidelity. They're introducing the Phonitor X and Phonitor e headphone amplifiers, as well as the new Director preamp and DA converter. What's more, they've also got the new PQ Mastering Equalizer for mastering studio technicians.

Elementary or Xtra?

When recording, mastering or mixing in your studio, you'll need a proper headphone amplifier. If you're using a basic setup, then the Phonitor e—available in silver, red or black—might be just the ticket. However, if you want to be able to switch between up to five outputs, then the Phonitor X—also available in red, silver and black—might be better suited.

Director of audio quality

The preamp is the essence of any studio system. With the Director preamp, you'll have the excellent SPL quality with extra headroom and built-in DA conversion. Colour-wise, you can choose between a sleek black, flaming red and a stylish silver. Do you want to be able to accurately adjust the equalisation of your mixes? Then the PQ Mastering Equaliser is the way to go.

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