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Musikmesse 2016: Stand-Alone Sampler by Pioneer

For even more creativity and space to improvise, Pioneer DJ has come up with the Toraiz SP-16. This sampler has 16 velocity-sensitive multi-coloured pads you can assign different samples to. It's a multifunctional device that features 2 GB of Loopmasters sounds and analogue filters based on Dave Smith's Prophet 6 synthesizer. You can easily connect the Toraiz SP-16 to your CDJ or XDJ via Pro DJ Link.

From the ground up

The Toraiz SP-16 enables you to build your tracks from the ground up. The 16 multi-coloured velocity-sensitive pads on this sampler are present on virtually all Pioneer controllers. It's already packed with 2 GB of Loopmasters samples that you can use right away, and expand on using USB. Plus, it's fully polyphonic, which means you can operate multiple samples simultaneously. Once the 16-step sequencer has been loaded, you can create up to 256 loops by modulating the sounds using the six rotary knobs.

Digital sound with analogue warmth

To further perfect this device, Pioneer worked together with Dave Smith. This legendary sound guru provided his Prophet 6 synthesizer as the foundation for the Toraiz's analogue filters, namely: Drive, Cutoff, and Resonance for the low pass and Cutoff for the high pass. This is what gives its sound the warmth and presence of an analogue device. A 7-inch full-colour touch screen gives you a clear overview of what you've activated, which means you won't need a laptop to operate it. Easily connect the Toraiz SP-16 to your CDJ or XDJ using Pro DJ Link, and to any other devices using the MIDI connectors.

For more information about Pioneer's latest gem, check out the product page. Check out our Musikmesse news overview, or sign up for our newsletter!

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