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Musikmesse 2016: Studio and Stage Must-Haves from DBX

DBX is making musicians and sound techs happy this Spring with the release of two new cable testers and three new DI boxes. Time to do some Spring cleaning and make room for new gear!

DI boxes: robust and road-ready

Harman's DBX knows better than any that quality and reliability shouldn't just be thought of as extra features, but instead as the foundation of any bit of proper gear. They're out to prove it too, with three new DBX DI boxes: the active DI1, the passive DJDI and the four-channel DI4. It almost feels as if we're doing the DI4 a bit of a disservice by grouping it in with other DI boxes though, because this robust new piece of gear is actually a direct box and a line mixer in one. With four independent channels DBX is clearly out to make your life easier, because there's no way signal loss or noise will have a fighting chance! Just like you're used to from DBX, the DI1, DI4, and the DJDI are all solidly constructed and finished, so you can count on them to withstand a bit of rough handling.

Cable testers: fast, reliable result

Another essential part of any audio setup is a good cable tester. Cables that don't function properly can be a real thorn in the side of any musician or sound tech; luckily, you'll be on the right track in any situation with the CT-2 and CT-3. The CT-2 is already quite impressive with its 8 difference connectors, but the CT-3 takes the cake. With this advanced cable tester you can plug in no fewer than ten different types of connectors, and you can even split the CT-3 up into two different sections if the situation requires. As you can imagine, that's a handy feature if your cable spans multiple rooms—it certainly earned the DBX CT-3 a permanent place in our tool box!

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