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Musikmesse 2016: the Blackstar HT Limited Edition Half Stack Bronco Tan

Following on from the popular HT-1RH amp head and matching HT-122 speaker cabinet, Blackstar have unveiled the HT Limited Edition Half Stack with tasteful Bronco Tan finish at Musicmesse 2016. It has that characteristic creamy tube sound at a manageable volume.

Restrained but not reserved

The 1-watt HT-1RH tube amp head and the 50-watt HT-122 speaker cabinet combine for a vintage look and a broad range of British and American sounds that can be customised using the Infinite Shape Feature. For playback and recording purposes, the amp head is equipped with an MP3/line input and an output with speaker emulation. If you're looking for a half stack for practising at home or using at small gigs, this model could be perfect.

Be sure to keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing.

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