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Musikmesse 2016: Yamaha Keyboards with Cutting Edge Features

The fundamental concept of a keyboard doesn't really need any improvement. The basic premise - a huge selection of sounds and pre-programmed accompaniments - is still appreciated today by millions of users. To add to their already successful formula, however, Yamaha has added some innovative features in the new PSR-E453 and PSR-EW400.

Yamaha PSR-E453 & PSR-EW400

Authentic keyboards

If you're simply looking for a good, authentic-sounding keyboard, then you don't even need to think twice. Yamaha presents two sleek, dependable keyboards for you to choose from: the 61-key PSR-E453 and the PSR-EW400 with 76 keys (pictured above). Because of its broader keyboard, the EW400 is more suitable for players who are used to playing the piano. These players are also sure to appreciate the presence of a more powerful amplifier (2x 12 watts instead of 2x 6 watts) and an ultra-realistic piano sound.

Audio via USB

Yamaha manages to stay one step ahead of the competition by incorporating two remarkable, modern features; the first of which is a built-in audio interface. While the USB port on many keyboards is solely used for exchanging MIDI information to and from the computer, on the E453 and the EW400, it enables you to send and receive audio as well. In other words, you can send the sound from the keyboard directly to your computer, or play audio from your computer over the keyboard's speakers. With a proper adapter (available separately), you can even connect an iPad, iPod touch or an iPhone.

Do it like a DJ

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced keyboardist, sometimes you want to just let go of all those old-school piano techniques and go crazy. That's why Yamaha developed the Pattern functionality, which allows musicians to play along with a huge variety of beats and loops, just like a DJ would! There are even Live Controllers on these keyboards so you can turn knobs and manipulate sounds and effects on the fly. In short, these cutting edge instruments have a little something for everyone!

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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