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NAMM 2016: Alesis V-Mini 25-Key USB/MIDI Keyboard

Good things come in small packages, Alesis is well aware of that. No wonder they've come up with the V-Mini, a remarkably compact USB keyboard with 25 mini keys and various other controls. Are you curious yet?


The details

The Alesis V-Mini USB/MIDI keyboard is equipped with 25 velocity-sensitive mini keys, as well as four velocity-sensitive pads for your drum parts. Four knobs allow you to adjust the parameters of your virtual instruments, and octave shift, pitch bend, modulation and sustain buttons can be found on the left side of the keyboard.


Performing Tchaikovsky's piano concert may be a bit far-fetched, but that's no reason to snub this practical, versatile little MIDI keyboard. Stick the V-Mini in your backpack alongside your laptop, and you've got your complete mobile production setup at the ready. Furthermore, this compact Alesis device makes a great addition to your studio, as it's a perfect way of controlling your virtual instruments' key switches. That way you won't have to sacrifice any of the valuable performance keys of your main MIDI keyboard.


Treat yourself to the V-Mini, and Alesis gives you a nice piece of software as a bonus: AIR Music Tech's Xpand!2, a virtual instrument with over 3,000 sounds that'll help you get started on your own music productions right away. They're suitable for numerous different genres, and although you're free to edit them at your leisure, each single one is ready to rock as is!

Has this compact, yet refined piece of technology piqued your interest? Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on availability and pricing!

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