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NAMM 2016: American Audio Presents New Products

Of course, American Audio is also making an appearance at NAMM in California this year. They'll be presented the latest addition to their lineup, including a wireless Bluetooth DJ mixer and two new CPX subwoofers.


In a way, the 10 MXR BT is the successor to the original 10 MXR, and as such, it boasts a few upgrades that set it apart from its predecessor. Instead of just two channels, for instance, you'll have three channels at your disposal that all feature separate multi-band EQ and gain. There are also separate Master and Booth volume controls. Meanwhile, the faders are plenty durable, and besides the fader bank you'll find a clear VU meter that allows you to keep an eye on the decibel level during a performance. Of course, you can listen to each channel separately, and there's even the option of connecting a record player to the device.

But what is it that makes the 10 MXR BT really stand out? Well, there's a hint in its name, as BT stands for Bluetooth. American Audio has integrated a fully functional Bluetooth streaming module into the 10 MXR BT. This allows you to stream audio straight from this mixer to a Bluetooth-compatible speaker or PA system! No more hassle with cables or the chance of interference. The 10 MXR BTW will send your signal straight to the speakers.

CPX 15 Sub & CPX 18 Sub

American Audio's CPX series is getting two great new members with these 15 and 18" subwoofers. The idea behind the CPX series is to offer robust quality at a reasonable price, so that you won't have to break the bank to enjoy great products. With the CPX 15 Sub and the CPX 18 Sub American Audio certainly lives up to that legacy. They're great subwoofers that can handle everything that the modern entertainment industry can throw at them!

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