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NAMM 2016: Amp Builder Engl Announces Six Pedals

Surprising news from German amp manufacturer Engl. At this year's NAMM show in Anaheim, the brand will be presenting six effects pedals of their own making. That's right, they're producing their own stomp boxes With three overdrive/distortion pedals called the Retro, Reaper and Straight to Hell, as well as three other pedals, simply called Delay, Chorus and Compressor, they're taking the market by storm.

Three types of shreddage

This new series of pedals by Engl was developed in collaboration with the folks at the Russian Yerasov company, which is why their designs are quite similar. First, let's talk about the overdrive/distortion pedals. The most unusual of the bunch must be the Reaper. This distortion pedal is based on the sound you'll get out of an Engl amp's built-in overdrive. It allows those without an Engl amp to still get that famous Engl sound. The Retro pedal gives you a '70s-style hard rock sound, while the Straight to Hell pedal delivers a hi-gain distortion that's great for all the metalheads out there. All pedals feature clear and simple controls, which really need little explanation.

Colour your sound

Engl's other three pedals allow you to colour your sound in a slightly more subtle way. As their names imply, the Delay pedal gives you an effect that can vary from a country-style slapback to an almost endless echo. The Chorus, meanwhile, provides you with a beautifully spacious effect, and can also function as a vibrato. If you really crank this effect up, then you'll get a spooky, almost unworldly sound. Finally, the Compressor is a great addition to any of the aforementioned pedals, and can give your sound just that bit of extra definition and sustain. Also, be sure to check out the video below, in which Engl specialist Marco Wriedt showcases these pedals.

For more information on the individual pedals, please have a look at the relevant product pages. For more NAMM 2016 news, there's our NAMM news page!

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