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NAMM 2016: Apogee Symphony I/O MK2 Thunderbolt

Audio interfaces are available in all shapes and sizes, and in all price categories as well. If you want the best of the best, then you should consider investing in Apogee. Their Symphony series has just received a revision and now includes the MK2. In any case, four Thunderbolt configurations have been finalized, namely the 2x6, 8x8, 16x16 and 8x8 + 8MP.



Apogee makes no small claim when they state that the Symphony I/O MK2 is the very best Thunderbolt interface money can buy. It is their flagship, after all, and you get to reap the benefits of their world-class preamps. Bearing in mind the kind of quality Apogee is known for, their statement is no exaggeration.

Operation, performance and configurations

These rack modules with their attractive colour displays are gems to behold. Their components and connectors are top-notch, and although it's not the most inexpensive interface out there, you'll definitely get your money's worth. With maximum 32 inputs and outputs per system and a latency of only 1.35 ms (at 96 kHz in Logic Pro X), these are pure-bread racing machines. At this time, you can choose between four configurations, each with its own specific field of application.

We're definitely talking high-end here. The best studios in the world won't work with anything less than the best, which is Apagee.


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