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NAMM 2016: Back to the '80s with Electro Harmonix

Late last year, Electro Harmonix introduced the Crash Pad Analog Drum Synth, and at NAMM 2016 they'll be unleashing the Super Space Drum. Where the Crash Pad creates electronic cymbal sounds, the Space Drum generates a typically '80s drum sound - electronic yet warm and full of character. It can be used as either a standalone unit, or in combination with a looper or clock generator, for instance.

Golden oldies

It's hard to imagine, but in the late '80s, electronic drum kits were actually electronic rather than digital, using electronic filters, switches and resistors to create a drum sound. Back in those days, Electro Harmonix released a number of synths, two of which have now become legends in their own right, with both the Crash Pad and the Super Space Drum being re-released for modern audiences. While the typical '80s sound is absolutely still in place, the pedals have, of course, been updated for the 21st century. The housing, for instance, is much more robust and compact. Check out the video below for a proper look at what both the Crash Pad and the Space Drum really have to offer.

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