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NAMM 2016: Big Boss ES-8 Switcher Makes Way for the ES-5

Boss is proud to announce the launch of the ES-5, an Effects Switching System for five pedals that can store up to 200 different settings. Technically, it's slightly more ingenious than the ES-8, which becomes apparent when you re-organise your effects pedals.


Find the connection

In the world of guitars, effects pedals are plentiful, to put it mildly. Therefore, it's not surprising that you sometimes can't see the forest for the trees. With the ES-5, Boss is intent on creating some order among the chaos. This Switcher can take on five stompboxes, plus two external controllers such as tap tempo, as well as an expression pedal and a tuner. You can also use the MIDI input and output if you want to work with sounds from a computer. As mentioned before, you can store a maximum of 200 presets and recall them easily. This means you can also store your favourite preferences on the ES-5 - you'll never lose that perfect sound again!

Side by side or top to bottom

Conceptually, this Effects Switching System hasn't changed much, but technically, a lot has improved. An LCD display helps you see your selected presets and current settings. During live performances, it allows you to organise your pedals in any order you want, which is particularly handy when you need your fuzz before your wah, for example. Another cool function is the ability to set up your pedals laterally, which is great when you want to play your delay with a long and a short echo at the same time. One thing's for certain: this stompbox will make you fall in love with your pedal board all over again.

For more information about the ES-5 Switcher or its predecessor the ES-8, check out the relevant product pages. For more NAMM news, have a look at our NAMM 2016 feed!

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