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NAMM 2016: Big Fender Name Change: Deluxe Is Now Elite!

Fender knows like no other that you never change a winning team. Besides a few little adjustments here and there, they usually don't mess with their successful models too much. Until now. The famous manufacturer decided to get rid of the Deluxe name and re-brand it with the slightly classier Elite moniker. Of course, this also goes with a few adjustments for the various Teles and Strats, as well as the Jazz, Precision and Dimension bass guitars.

Enhanced comfort

The brand new Fender American Elite series is mostly focused on providing more playing comfort than ever, concentrating mainly on the neck. Just like the Deluxe series, the Elite series features a compound radius, but this has been further improved. At the first fret, it has a modern C shape, ideal for playing chords, and it flattens out a bit towards the 12th fret, where it's more of an oval D shape. What's more, for even more playability, the heel is flattened so that your thumb can move even further up the neck. Should your neck be out of alignment, you can easily adjust the truss rod using the adjustment nut just above the neck pickup.

Fender American Elite: alnico sound with no noise

Fender's Telecastersand Stratocasters are famous for their iconic sound. To improve their single-coil sound even further, the Elite series guitars are equipped with brand-new Deluxe Noiseless pickups. Sound-wise these are very closely related to the traditional Alnico pickups, but they're less susceptible to noise when you turn the gain up. What's more, you can quickly alter the sound of the pickups using the soft touch controls. Furthermore, these guitars feature post locking tuners and a new string tree for a modern look and the ideal angle for your strings.

Travel in style

A new series of guitars needs a new case, of course! That's why the manufacturer took another close look at its design and made a few ingenious adjustments. The shape of the inside has not changed, so you can still fit your Jazz, Precision or Dimensionbass guitars in there, but it does now feature a silver-coloured plush lining. You can close the case using durable plastic-covered latches. Furthermore, for optimal weight distribution and balance, the ergonomic handle is placed a bit off-centre. If you have multiple guitars, these cases are also easily stackable. This brand new case comes as standard with any American Elite guitar or bass.

For more information about this new series of guitars and the various different models, please check out the relevant product pages! Be sure to check out the rest of our NAMM news on the NAMM overview page!

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