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NAMM 2016: Boss Introduces the Waza Amp 150W Guitar Amplifier

We mostly know Boss for their effects pedals, multi effects units and recording equipment. However, Boss takes friend and foe by surprise, by releasing a serious, solid guitar amplifier.

The aim in developing the Waza Craft was to take care of all the downsides that a tube amp brings with it. Think, for instance, of heat and maintenance issues, and their overall vulnerability. One of the things that makes this amplifier stand out, is the ability to switch between 1 watt, which is ideal for practising at home, and a whopping 150 watts of power! Another advantage this amp has over traditional tube amps, is that it always sounds its best. In other words, you don't have to turn up the volume to get the output you desire.

Waza Amp strategy

In creating this amplifier, Boss used the full extent of their years of experience and expertise, and took a good look at what really matters. As such, it's based on the first true stack amplifier, which is still considered the standard in classic rock music. Boss also decided to combine the vintage classic and hard rock sound in one housing: the Waza Craft Head. The so-called 'Brown Sound' from the '70s and '80s lies at the core of the Waza Amp, and as such, it offers a perfect sound for rock.

Vintage heritage with modern tweaks

At its heart, the Waza Craft is all about that great legacy of '70s and '80s rock, that Boss managed to capture thanks to its years of experience. Besides that, however, it certainly has a few modern technological tweaks. For instance, you can easily switch between 1 watt, 50 watts, 100 watts and a whopping 150 watts of power, using the Power Control feature. Furthermore, the Waza Craft has a Cabinet Resonance feature, that allows you to colour your sound to fit the situation at hand. Finally, there's a line output with Air Feel, which emulates the placement of a microphone, and an EFX Loop that you can use both in serial and parallel fashion.


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