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NAMM 2016: Boss Launches 3 New Stompbox Effects: BC-1X, VB-2W and VO-1

Boss, a pioneer in effects pedals, is launching three new effects pedals with the BC-1X, VB-2W and VO-1. These are a bass compression pedal (BC-1X), a reissue of the VB-2 vibrato (VB-2W Waza Craft) and a stompbox-sized vocoder (VO-1). Boss decided to release a reissue of the popular VB-2 vibrato pedal, and Boss Japan gave it their blessing in the form of the Waza Craft label.

BC-1X: stompbox-sized compressor

The BC-1X is notable in a number of ways. First of all, there's its stompbox size, but more importantly, the compact pedal is filled to the brim with clever technology. It picks up every nuance and constantly analyses your playing.

This ensures that it never applies excessive amounts of compression, or muddles up your sound. It uses its technology to help keep your sound as natural as possible. That's innovation for you. And all that is now available in a lightweight, compact package.

VO-1: compact vocoder for guitar and bass players

With the VO-1, Boss treats both guitar and bass players to a very interesting pedal: a vocoder. To use it, you simply connect your guitar or bass like you would connect it to any other effects pedal, but for three of the pedals four modes, you'll also need to connect a microphone.


Don't worry, though, you don't need a great singing voice! You simply play strum or pick your guitar like you normally would while your voice modulates the timbre of your guitar and the effect itself. This allows you to create high-tech effects, changing your guitar or bass sound into a true symphonie of vocals and electronic voices.

VB-2W: more than just a reissue

When Boss released their VB-2 vibrato pedal in 1982, they must've had some sort of precognitive vision. Because now, over 30 years later, this effect has become a mainstay in the modern music scene. That's why Boss decided it was high time for the next step; it was time to reissue the VB-2 and use modern technology to add yet another dimension on top of the already impressive range of possibilities offered by the original, bringing it firmly into the 21st century. You can now control when and where you want to use the vibrato effect more accurately than ever.


The pedal has 3 different modes, and four controls that allow you to adjust depth and dynamics. You can even control an expression pedal so that you can control the depth of the effect in real time. Of course there is also an Standard mode that gives you the vintage VB-2 vibrato sound. In short, this pedal offers you everything that was great about the VB-2, and much more! Boss honours the VB-2 by releasing this Waza Craft series pedal. Waza is a Japanese term that denotes both art and technique. If Boss Japan authorises the use of that label, then you can be sure that the product involved is something truly special!


Be sure to keep an eye on the relevant product pages for up-to-date info on prices and delivery times.


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