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NAMM 2016: Charvel Takes the Pro Mod San Dimas and So Cal to the Next Level

Charvel's Pro Mod guitars were already renowned for their excellent quality and playability, but that hasn't stopped the company from enhancing the instruments' sound palette and functionality!

More guitar for your money

Charvel's electric guitars are "modified for higher performance." In the 1970s, Wayne Charvel started to make adjustments to existing guitar models like the Stratocaster. By adding a quick, comfortable neck, powerful humbuckers and a Floyd Rose tremolo, he created what would become known as the 'Superstrat.' Of course, time hasn't stood still since the '70s, and since then the Pro Mod series has been upgraded several times. All new San Dimas and So Cal models now feature a spoke wheel truss adjust, for instance; a small wheel at the start of the neck that allows for quick and easy neck adjustments.

Something for everyone

Charvel is going all out with a wide range of finishes in remarkable colours. If you like that old-school '80s look, you might choose a striking Hot Pink or Neon Yellow finish, for example. However, you can also opt for one of the four available models with a chic quilted maple top. Are you not a big fan of the Floyd Rose tremolo? Rest easy, as the Pro Mod San Dimas HH HT comes with a fixed bridge, ensuring outstanding sustain and intonation. While the San Dimas guitars feature the familiar JB/'59 configuration, the So Cal models have a Seymour Duncan Distortion pickup at the bridge and at the neck. Thanks to the large ceramic magnet and high output, you'll be able to enjoy a rich mid range, a delectable crunch and searing solos.

Push/Pull Volume and No-Load Tone

Both the volume and tone knobs of these Charvel guitars feature a special potentiometer. Pull out the volume knob to split the bridge pickup and it will function as a single-coil. The No-Load potentiometer works as a standard tone knob in positions 1-9, but is taken out of the circuit in position 10, showcasing the natural sound of your guitar and increasing the pickups' output. Finally, instead of the usual toggle switch, you get a blade switch to select a pickup. To sum it up, with a Charvel Pro Mod guitar, you're treating yourself to an exceptionally versatile instrument.

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